Urological Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice in urology is of sufficient concern that it has been the subject of academic study.  In our role of malpractice lawyers we reviewed a grouping of studies the results of which provide insight into the cause and frequency of negligence in this medical specialty. What we found was illuminating.

Urology is in the middle of the pack

One comprehensive study found that urology ranked 12th of 28 medical specialties in the number of claims reported and monies paid. The amount paid per claim was less than the average of all specialties.

Your choice of doctor is important

Another study found that overall 47% of urologists were associated with 0 patient complaints, while 11% of urologists were associated with 50% of the patient complaints. This is a very dramatic finding. Thankfully it confirms that generally doctors practice good and safe medicine. Unfortunately there are a few that spoil their reputation and put patients at risk. A patient would be wise to directly ask their prospective specialist to what extent they have been involved in prior legal proceedings or proceedings at their governing college.

Surgical errors are the most frequent

We assessed the results of a number of other studies and concluded that the most frequent negligent errors giving rise to malpractice claims in urology consisted of errors in surgery. The majority of surgical errors involved postoperative events. The most common surgical errors related to oncological treatment.

Missed diagnosis claims are the largest and are increasing in number

Surgical claims were followed by failure to diagnose properly in frequency. Missed diagnosis claims involving urological cancer represented most of these claims. They also represented the claims with the highest average payout. In general the average payout for missed diagnosis claims was almost double that of other claims. The frequency of missed diagnosis claims is increasing.

Cancer is most often the underlying condition associated with urological malpractice

Malignancy of the prostate, testis and kidney appeared consistently in claims involving improper surgical performance, diagnostic error and failure to monitor.

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