Twelve Hospital Negligence Errors

Hospital  Negligence

Hospitals play a prominent part in our lives because of the care they provide in times of need. Very often they are landmarks in the communities in which we live. Their location provides a grounding and sense of orientation. When we arrive at a hospital for our own sake or that of a family member we entrust our health to professionals who are best equipped to cure our ailments and maladies. Unfortunately that cure does not always come about because of systemic or human error. We have identified examples of hospital malpractice that can give rise to a right of monetary compensation on the part of an injured patient. These hospital errors are:

  1. Medication errors
  2. Failure to follow procedures or protocols
  3. Failing to process
  4. Failing to monitor
  5. Failure to communicate
  6. Failure to transfer in a timely way
  7. Failure to have operating rooms and staff ready
  8. Equipment failure
  9. Improper handling of tissue and biopsy specimens
  10. Failure to follow up
  11. Inadequate or outdated policies
  12. Failure to check credentials

For more information about these hospital errors please visit our hospital negligence page.

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