Compensation for Medication Errors

Medication Error Compensation and Malpractice Lawyers

Amongst the most prevalent medical errors are those related to the administration of medication. When a medication error occurs it can cause injury or death, prolong or cause hospital stays, increase medical expense or health care costs, and result in lost wages or the need for home care.

There are legal remedies available to you if you have suffered adverse side effects from a medication error caused by another person’s negligence. Pharmacists, hospitals, nurses and technicians are part of the drug delivery chain and will be held accountable for damages resulting from patient harm negligently caused.

As malpractice lawyers we will investigate your injuries, the effects of the medication you were given and the cause of the medication error. We will work with experts to determine who was liable and bring a lawsuit to prove this in court if necessary. Our representation can recover for you compensation for the losses you have suffered.

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Types of Medication Error and Their Causes

Drug Interaction

Certain drugs should not be used together. One may cancel the effects of the other denying the intended therapeutic effect. Others may act similarly and when combined may have an effect beyond recommended dosages. This type of error can occur if adequate patient information is not made available to the prescriber. Relevant patient information should include a medication reconciliation of the drugs and dosages the patient is taking, a history of prior adverse drug reactions and known abnormal lab results. A mistake can also be made if the prescriber does not have adequate knowledge of drug information including contraindications and warnings. Pharmacists can also be responsible for not preventing this type of error at the time of filling of a prescription.


A drug is administered in a dosage that is excessive and causes patient harm. This can also occur if a duplicate dose is administered.

Under Dose

A drug is administered in a dosage or frequency less than prescribed depriving the patient of its therapeutic effect thereby prolonging or failing to treat the condition for which it was prescribed.

Wrong Drug

The wrong drug is provided or administered to the patient. This mimics the effects of the other medication errors but with an effect that can be more pronounced. It can occur if the wrong drug is prepared or formulated, a drug is not labeled correctly, or the drug’s label is misread or even not read. Confusion caused by look or sound alike drug names is a known problem that can result in the administration of the wrong drug if appropriate preventative systems are not in place.

Dosage Error Causes

Dosage errors can be caused in many different ways. They can result from poor or illegible handwriting, use of abbreviations that have multiple or ambiguous meanings, improper transcription, inaccurate dosage or dilution calculation, confusion between metric and other dosing units, labelling errors, equipment malfunction and human error caused by memory or performance lapse, fatigue or insufficient training.

Wrong Method of Administration

The drug is administered in a manner or by a route that was not prescribed. This can affect the potency and speed of therapeutic effect.

Failure to Monitor and Test

Side effects of drugs can become detrimental to the patient’s health if the patient is not monitored for their ongoing response or reaction to the drug or if laboratory testing is not done to ensure that known side effects do not proceed to cause harm to the patient.

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