Anaesthesia Complications

The development of anaesthesia is one of the great advances of modern medicine. In its different forms it relieves or prevents pain, sedates and controls muscle and breathing. These forms include local, regional and general anaesthesia. Peripheral nerve blocks and epidural or spinal anaesthesia are types of regional anaesthesia. Anaesthesia complications that result in serious harm are rare. Major side effects and other problems are not common. Malpractice cases are usually associated with negligent medical care in the administration of regional or general anaesthesia. This is because the harm caused by errors in their use is likely to be greater than errors in the use of local anaesthesia.

Risks of Anaesthesia Complications

The use of general anaesthesia carries a greater risk for persons who have medical conditions involving the heart, lungs or kidneys, allergies, sleep apnea or a family history adverse reaction to anaesthesia, or who are smokers abusers of alcohol, or obese. Aspirin use can also be a factor. Anaesthesia complications can include death (which is rare), harm to the vocal cords, heart attack, lung infection, temporary mental confusion, stroke, trauma to the teeth or tongue, waking during anaesthesia or what is known as anaesthesia awareness and malignant hyperthermia.

Compensation for Anaesthesia Errors

When anaesthesia complications arise because of medical negligence then a claim for compensation for the harm done can be made. The anaesthesiologist or other responsible person will only be liable if the procedure was carried out in such a way that it failed to meet the standard of care expected given the medical knowledge and practice in use at the time of the procedure. The malpractice lawyers at Obradovich Law are experienced in recovering damages for persons who have suffered injury due to medical negligence. If you would like our help then contact us to discuss your legal rights and options.

Medical Errors That Cause Anaesthesia Complications

Serious harm to a patient can be caused by anaesthesia complications when

1. An incorrect dosage of anaesthesia is given.
2. A failure in the delivery system occurs.
3. A patient is not monitored properly.
4. Alarms are not reacted to, are not working properly or are not on.
5. Complications are not recognized or responded to.
6. A pre-operative anaesthesia assessment is not done properly.
7. Equipment is defective or fails.
8. Intubation is not carried out properly resulting in injury or airway obstruction
9. An inappropriate anaesthesia agent is chosen given patient history.
10. Sedation is overly prolonged or resuscitation is not done properly.

These errors can be caused by either medical malpractice or hospital negligence.

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