Long Term Disability Claims

Applications for payment of long term disability insurance benefits are continuing to increase in an environment that is becoming increasingly complex as the interplay between assessment of disability, payment of benefits, rehabilitation, accommodation by way of return to modified duties and safety concerns by employers all play a role in the administration of long term disability claims.

Additionally, psychiatric or behavioral health claims are rising at such rapid rates that it is estimated that they make up over 60% of the total number of long term disability claims.

Our Disability Insurance Claim Lawyers Can Help You

If your claim for short term disability benefit, long term disability insurance benefit, critical illness insurance payment, or business overhead coverage has been refused we can help. Call us for a free initial consultation at 416-862-0997 or 1-866-900-0997. We are located in Toronto but take cases all over Ontario.

Questions About Long Term Disability Claims

Why has my long term disability insurance benefit claim been denied?

What kind of evidence do I need to prove my disability insurance claim?

Can my claim be denied because I was late in providing information?

Do I have to participate in rehabilitation programs required by my insurer or employer?

What should I do if my doctor does not support me?

Am I entitled to payment of disability insurance benefits if I am suffering from chronic pain and depression?

How will my medical history affect my claim?

There are generic answers to these questions. However the important answer is the one that reflects the circumstances of your case. We will be happy to discuss this with you once we have information about your case.

Appeals of Disability Insurance Benefit Denials

Many disability insurance policies allow you to appeal a decision to deny your benefit claim. This is a process done internally by the insurer. It is not an independent review. In some cases it may benefit the claimant. In many cases it does not. An insurer may use it to obtain more information to support its denial. If your appeal is denied then the process has delayed you in bringing legal action over the refusal to pay your insurance benefits.

You do not have to participate in the appeal process before you sue over the denial of your disability insurance claim. Lawsuits take time to complete. The sooner you can get started the sooner you will be paid.

When Do You Sue Your Disability Insurance Company

In Ontario you must sue the insurance company within 2 years of the denial of your claim. If you don’t your claim is barred by law. In some circumstances this date may be extended. However this is not usual. You should speak to a lawyer for advice on the time limit for your case.

There is no need to wait to bring legal action. A lawsuit over the denial of your long term disability insurance claim may be brought as soon as you have been notified.

Legal Fees

We do not charge you for our initial consultation. The consultation is to determine whether we will accept your case. We do not provide advice as part of that process.

If we decide to take your case we will charge our fees as a percentage of the recovery. If we do not recover anything you will not be charged. You do have the option of paying us by the hour if your prefer. The method of calculation of the fee will be decided at the outset of the case.

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