Car Accidents

Car accidents are often classified as an ordinary everyday occurrence but for anyone who has sustained a serious injury the effects can be longlasting and profound.

To add insult to injury the injured person is thrust into an insurance quagmire of forms, deadlines and insurance claim adjusters who don’t have the time or the inclination to understand what you are going through.

Car accident injuries cause

  • pain and suffering
  • loss of enjoyment of life loss of income and earning capacity
  • loss of the ability to perform household duties.

If you have been seriously injured you need to focus on your rehabilitation and recovery, and not be given the run around by the insurance companies and their lawyers.

If you believe you have a catastrophic impairment or permanent injury but are

  • not being paid the benefits you should be by your insurer
  • uncertain as to whether you have complied with the time deadlines needed to make a claim against the at fault parties
  • unsure as to how your case will proceed through the legal system

Car Accident Injury Lawyer Services

then give us a call at 416 862 0997 or toll free at 866 900 0997 to get our experienced car accident lawyers on your side so that we can

  • complete your paperwork
  • assemble the evidence needed to prove who was at fault for the car accident
  • organize and present your medical evidence
  • calculate and present your full damage claim.

At Obradovich Law the experience we have gained by recovering millions of dollars every year on behalf of our clients has given us the expertise to properly advance your claim. More often than not the insurers choose to settle with us rather than proceed to trial. We provide you with a free consultation and if we decide to take your case you do no pay any fees unless we make a recovery on your behalf.

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