Nine Types of Pharmacist Negligence

Pharmacy negligence cases require malpractice lawyers to prove that:

  • the person suing the pharmacy was owed a duty of care by the pharmacist
  • the pharmacist breached that duty by committing an act of negligence
  • the person suffered harm as a result of the pharmacist’s error.

Fortunately pharmacists do not often commit errors. They are professionals and wish to fulfil their duties to their patients competently. However from time to time an error will occur as it does in other professional services or human endeavour. When this happens the consequences of the error may be insignificant. In this situation legal action is not warranted. In other instances serious harm can be caused to the patient. In our legal practice we have prosecuted cases where has a result of pharmacy malpractice a patient has been hospitalized for a lengthy period, has suffered from a serious health condition or is no longer able to take medication to treat a medical condition. The effects on a patient and their family can be profound.

As we continue to receive inquiries about cases of pharmacy negligence we have created a website page listing the types of pharmacist malpractice that we encounter. You can access the page at the menu item Pharmacy Malpractice under our medical malpractice litigation practice area.

All pharmacies have pharmacist liability insurance which will cover the claims that may be brought for the consequences of pharmacy error including claims for injury, income loss and the cost of medical treatment caused by the negligence of the pharmacy or its employees. As in all cases time limits apply within which you must take action to protect your legal right to recover compensation for the damages you have suffered. While we do provide information on this website you should always consult with a lawyer for advice concerning your case. At our law firm we will provide a free consultation if you complete our case evaluation form.

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