Contingency Fees

The cost of engaging in legal action can be high. A contingency fee agreement can limit exposure to the burden of legal fees. At Obradovich Law we have offered clients the option of a contingency fee agreement since its introduction in Ontario. This is part of our commitment to achieving access to justice for our clients.

The no win no fee approach

The agreement works quite simply. You are charged a percentage of the amounts recovered for you whether by judgment or settlement. The fee is calculated as a percentage so that you will always know what the fee is. If there is no recovery there is no fee and hence the often used term, ‘no win no fee’.


In order to qualify for a contingency fee agreement a case must meet certain criteria. It must be a case within one of our practice areas as we confine our practice to cases in which we have expertise, knowledge and skill. The case must be assessed as having a value that will make the litigation worthwhile. It must not be a frivolous case or one without merit. It must also be a case where there will be no doubt that the judgment will be paid if the case is successful.

Other Considerations

The percentage stipulated in the agreement deals with your legal fees only. Since the lawyer assumes some of the risk associated with the outcome of the case the fees may end up being higher than an agreement to pay fees by the hour. However the amount of the fee is certain. As the contingency fee agreement only covers fees the client remains responsible for disbursement costs associated with prosecuting the legal action. We prepare a budget of these disbursement costs so that a well defined estimate is available to you. The losing party in litigation will usually be required to pay to the winning party an indemnity for the legal costs incurred. The agreement does not affect this liability.

Free Legal Consultation

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