Client Testimonials

I had gone into the hospital for what I was told was a routine procedure. While I was under anaesthetic a fire broke out on the operating table and I suffered burns. Afterwards, no one wanted to accept responsibility for what had happened to me. I had no option but to bring a law suit. After I retained Mr. Obradovich he arranged for and attended a recreation of the whole procedure at the hospital. Shortly thereafter my case settled without the need for me to be cross-examined by defence lawyers or a trial. I already have recommended his services to other members of my family.

Connie. E., Etobicoke, Ontario

I had a promising career in a building technology career after completing my studies and starting work in my field. This all came to an end when I was injured in a serious accident. I have never been able to return to work, but because I did not have any broken bones no one wanted to believe me. Even my own doctor expelled me from his practice and refused to state that I was disabled. I could not get help anywhere and could only find solace in drugs and alcohol. My wife left me and I lost my family life. My insurance company cut me off my income replacement benefits. I was without resources. I went to Mr. Obradovich who brought proceedings against my insurer. It wanted to treat my case as a frivolous one. Not only did Mr. Obradovich take my case to arbitration, which lasted for weeks, he arranged for it to take place in my home town. The insurer’s first offer only came on the first day of trial. It was turned down. Mr. Obradovich won my case and I was paid all the benefits that I was owed for 4 years, but not before the insurer appealed. After the insurer had exhausted all its appeals its lawyer told Mr. Obradovich that if she was ever injured she would hire him to be her lawyer. I am still receiving benefits.

Dan. A., Peterborough, Ontario

I am a housewife with a young son who was dependant upon my husband for financial support. On his way to work he came to a stop to let an ambulance proceeding to an emergency go by when he was hit from behind by a truck. My husband was not able to work and as a result of his injuries developed psychological problems which became a disabling condition. I was referred to Mr. Obradovich who agreed to take our case. The defendant in this case tried to settle this case at mediation. When this didn’t work it put my husband and I through many days of discovery and hired 6 defence medical experts in an effort to discredit my husband. One of the defendant experts even sought the administration of a truth serum. At a second mediation we were finally able to arrive at a negotiated figure that was satisfactory for us, which the defendant lawyer and his client representative were prepared to accept subject to approval of the top brass. This never came. Six weeks before trial we were advised that the defendant would not agree to the settlement. Mr. Obradovich put the resources of his entire office into the preparation of our case for trial over the next 6 weeks. On the second day before trial, after the lawyers attended a pre-trial conference before a judge, a settlement was reached which gave us the same amount of money that we should have received at the mediation.

Mary. M., Mississauga, Ontario

I thought my case was straightforward as I was clearly disabled, but I had trouble with my lawyer who wanted to force me into a settlement. I went to Mr. Obradovich who within 90 days obtained a settlement that was 10 times more than what my previous lawyer asked me to sign for.

Rose A., Scarborough, Ontario

I came to Canada as an immigrant and through the hard work of my wife and I over 30 years built up a business that we wanted to leave to our son who had joined us after his university schooling. Unfortunately, we were sued by a customer who claimed that we, and in particular my wife, had falsified documents and misled them about the specifications of the product we were supplying. These were very difficult allegations for us to cope with after decades of hard and honest work. Their claim was for 7 figures and would have depleted the assets of our business. During the discovery phase the customer’s lawyer directly accused us of lying and in the same breath announced that his client had discovered new damages that would quadruple its claim. We knew we could be ruined but still had faith in ourselves and our ethics. When this case was finally resolved with the help of Mr. Obradovich our customer paid us what it owed on our account and our legal fees.

Michael S., Mississauga, Ontario

I was a teacher who as a result of an accident developed fibromyalgia and lost my career. Although it is now recognised by the American Medical Association, at that time this was not a well known condition and considered dubious by many doctors. Mr. Obradovich who was well aware of this condition took my case to a successful conclusion.

Anna H., Brampton, Ontario

Both my wife and I held down factory jobs when she was injured in an accident. Although she had legal representation she settled her claim at an early part of her lawsuit. I was asked to agree to waive my claim for loss of care, guidance and companionship by reason of her injuries for no consideration what so ever. I did not think this was right and went to Mr. Obradovich. He selected trial by jury for my case. The lawyers for the defence sought to obtain court orders dismissing my action summarily and striking out the jury notice. When these tactics failed and they realised that Mr. Obradovich was intent on taking my case to trial they asked to settle the case. In a bittersweet result I ended up receiving more money than my wife did in her settlement.

Vlad D., Hamilton, Ontario