Failure to Diagnose Cancer Cases Explained

One of the most difficult situations we find ourselves in is when we are being consulted by someone who has contracted a terminal case of cancer that was not diagnosed at a time when medical treatment could have provided a cure. When the failure to diagnose occurred as a result of medical negligence or malpractice then this is a very troubling situation. It is usually a very emotional time for the patient and family members. Most often there is a great deal of difficulty coping with the grim prognosis and the way it came about. The legal consequences of this situation can be quite complicated and in every case need to be sorted out with an in depth review by legal counsel. We have created a background primer page that provides some information about a delayed diagnosis or failure to diagnose cancer case as malpractice and what some of the legal considerations are from the perspective of a malpractice lawyer. Simply click the highlighted text to learn more.

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