Miles Obradovich

Toronto Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Over 30 years of experience

Miles Obradovich has been practicing in the field of civil litigation since 1981.

His practice focuses on actions and trials in the Superior Court and he has extensive experience in the procedures and rules of that court. He has argued cases in the Ontario Court of Appeal and the Federal Court and Supreme Court of Canada and has conducted numerous arbitrations and mediations. In addition to having lectured on behalf of the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Canadian Bar Association and the American Trial Lawyers Association, a number of his cases have been published in the law reports.

His civil litigation practice consists of both commercial and tort litigation.

In tort litigation he is responsible for the conduct of claims of wrongful death and permanent impairments of partial and total loss of earning capacity arising out of personal injury, claims of professional negligence with consequent damages, illegal infliction of economic harm, breaches of trust and fiduciary duties with compensation for and tracing of profits, bad faith conduct of insurers with punitive damages, and restitution.

Miles Obradovich is a graduate of the leading Canadian law school of the University of Toronto where he received the Juris Doctor degree. He previously majored in theoretical math and physics with a special interest in high energy physics which he pursued in research at the National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) at Batavia, Illinois. He has served as Chairman of the Peel Regional Police Services Board and the United Way of Peel Region. He was called to the bar at Osgoode Hall in 1981. He is currently a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Association of Trial Lawyers of America, the Metropolitan Toronto Lawyers Association, the Advocates Society and the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association.

Reported Cases

Damien v. O’Mulvenny, [1981] O.J. No. 3144 1981/10/07 Damien v. O’Mulvenny Estate, [1981] O.J. No. 946 1981/10/06 Radovich (Re), [1982] O.J. No. 2435 1982/10/25 Dudli v. Charterways Transport Ltd. et al (1982), 137 D.L.R. (3d) 293 Novic v. Novic, [1983] 1 S.C.R. 696, S.C.J. No. 49 1983/06/07 Zapalowski v. Zapalowski, [1984] O.J. No. 614 1984/01/30 Buchbinder v. Buchbinder (Ont. C.A.), [1984] O.J. No. 164 1984/11/06 R. v. Laforest, [1985] O.J. No. 1083 1985/03/22 Obradovic v. Smith, [1985] O.J. No. 1278 1985/09/05 Nikolic v. Jefferson, [1985] O.J. No. 673 1985/12/05 Von Cramm v. Riverside Hospital of Ottawa et al., (Ont. C.A.), [1986] O.J. No. 999 1986/09/30 Sarna v. Mills, [1988] O.J. No. 1342 1988/08/12 Zecevic v. Russian Orthodox Christ the Saviour Cathedral, [1988] O.J. No. 1282 1988/08/12 682652 Ontario Inc. v. Park, [1991] O.J. No. 890 1991/05/31 Azman v. Best and Gray Barristers and Solicitors, [1991] O.J. No. 1794 1991/10/21 Alton Developments Inc. v. Millcroft Inn Ltd., (Ont. C.A.), [1992] O.J. No. 1855 1992/09/09 Moreau v. Adamski, [1993] O.J. No. 2007 1993/09/03 AJV Masonry Ltd. v. Bradsil (1967) Ltd., (Ont. C.A.), [1998] O.J. No. 4083 1998/10/09 Toronto-Dominion Bank v. Zinszer, [1998] O.J. No. 6238 1998/12/01 Nortown Electrical Contractors Associates v. Bradsil (1967) Ltd., [1999] O.J. No. 70 1999/01/13 Nortown Electrical Contractors Associates v. Bradsil (1967) Ltd., (Ont. C.A.), [1999] O.J. No. 3612 1999/09/27 Devins v. Seagram, [2000] O.J. No. 361 2000/01/18 Andova v. Sun Life Assurance Co., [2005] O.J. No. 329 2005/01/21

Papers and Presentations

June 2016, The Litigator, Factual Causation in Medical Malpractice: A Visit with the Ontario Court of Appeal

February 19 2016, OTLA, Why It’s Not All About the Medicine

March 2015, The Litigator, Spoliation

April 12 2013, OTLA, How to Deal with Missing or Doctored Documents

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September 11 2009, OTLA Co-Chair, Advanced Medical Malpractice Roundtable

September 23 2005, OTLA, Issues Related to Informed Consent in Medical Negligence Litigation

January 3 1992, CBA, Trustee’s Liabilities

November 8 1991, LSUC, Partnership Disputes: Rights and Remedies (reprinted in the Advocates Quarterly, 1992, Vol. 13)

July 1991, ATLA, How to Combat the Pit Bull Deposition

Continuing Legal Education

February 23 2017 TLA Seminar, Trending Issues for Personal Injury and Insurance Defence Lawyers

February 16 2017 OTLA Seminar, Advanced Trial Series: Preparation Prior to Trial

October 17 2016 OBA Seminar, Stress and Ethical Decision-Making in the Practice of Law

May 9 2016 OBA Seminar, Innovation in Litigation

February 19 2016 OTLA Seminar, It’s All About the Medicine

November 6 2015 Advocates Society Seminar, Oral Advocacy with Steven Stark: Mastering the Art of Oral Communication

October 28 & 29 2015 OTLA Conference, Advocating for Damages

July 11-14 2015 American Association for Justice Annual Convention, Montreal

November 20 2014 OBA Seminar, Expert Strategies for Trial Preparation

October 20 & 21 2014 OTLA Conference, Building Blocks of Practice Excellence

January 29 2014 OTLA Seminar, Medical Maplpractice: Building Your Case Through to a Jury Trial

July 20-23 2013 American Association for Justice Annual Convention, San Francisco

April 12 2013 OTLA Seminar, Successful Strategies for Medical Negligence Actions

July 28-31 2012 American Association for Justice Annual Convention, Chicago

June 29-30 2012, AAJ Seminar, Winning Medical Negligence Cases with Rules of the Road, Las Vegas

March 29 2012 OBA Seminar, Medical Malpractice: A How To Guide

January 28 2012 Mount Sinai Seminar, Obstetrical Malpractice: A Survival Guide for 2012

January 27 2012 Advocates Society Conference, Winning the Serious Case: Practical Strategies, Updates and Tips

July 9-13 2011 American Association for Justice Annual Convention, New York

April 1 2011 OTLA Seminar, Experts in Medical Malpractice Cases

October 29 & 30 2009 OTLA Conference, Mea Culpa: Lessons Lived and Learned

October 14 2009 LSUC Seminar, Civil Justice Reform in Action: The New Rule Amendments

September 11 2009 OTLA Roundtable, Advanced Medical Malpractice Roundtable

May 28 & 29 2009 OTLA Conference, Damages: The Heart of the Case

October 30 & 31 2008 OTLA Conference, The Road to Trial: Successful Trial Strategies

March 31, April 1 & 2 2008, OTLA Conference, Medical Malpractice CLE

May 25 & 26 2007 OTLA Conference, The Determined Advocate: Everything You Need to Know for a Successful Practice

April 27 2007 OTLA Seminar, Setting up for Success, Medical Negligence Practice: Trial-Final Preparation and Pitfalls

September 15 & 16 2006 OTLA Seminar, Setting up for Success, Medical Negligence Practice: Trial Preparation-First Steps

January 28 2006 Mount Sinai Seminar, Obstetrical Malpractice: A Survival Guide for 2006

January 27 2006 OTLA Seminar, Setting up for Success, Medical Negligence Practice: Trial Preparation- Part 1

September 23 & 24 2005 OTLA Seminar, Setting up for Success, Medical Negligence Practice: Part III

April 1 & 2 2005 OTLA Seminar, Setting up for Success, Medical Negligence Practice: Part II

March 4 2005 OTLA Seminar, Setting up for Success: OTLA’s Motor Vehicle Primer

January 28 & 29 2005 OTLA Seminar, Setting up for Success, Medical Negligence Practice

October 22 & 23 2004 OTLA Conference, Litigating in the Zone: Winning Strategies to Raise the Level of Your Game

February 4 2004 LSUC Seminar, Trial Practice Strategies from Closing the Opening to Closing the Case

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November 6 2003, LSUC Seminar, Ontario’s Revised Auto Insurance Scheme: New Strategies for Managing Your Practice and Protecting Your Clients

September 16 2003 LSUC Seminar, Managing Serious Injury Claims under Ontario’s Automobile Insurance Regime

June 3 2003 LSUC Seminar, Annotated Pleadings for a Personal Injury Action

May 24 & 25 2002 OTLA Conference, Playing to Win: Strategies for Success in a Changing Auto Insurance Environment

October 4 & 5, 1996 Advocates Society Conference, Practical Strategies for Advocates VI: Looking to the Future

September 27, 1996 LSUC Seminar, Auto Insurance Reform – A Road Map to AIRS (Bill 59)

October 6, 1994 LSUC Seminar, New Opportunities in Personal Injury Practice

April 14, 1992 LSUC & CBA Seminar, Ontario’s New Class Proceedings Act:  Are Your Prepared?

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November 8, 1991 LSUC Seminar, Partnership Disputes: Tactics and techniques to Avert Tragedy

July 1991 Association of Trial Lawyers of America Annual Convention, Toronto

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April 21, 1988 LSUC Seminar, Law Partnerships

May 29, 1987 LSUC Seminar, The Injured Child – Future Economic Loss and the Challenge of Proof

November 18, 1986 LSUC Seminar, The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal – One Year Later

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September 24, 1986 LSUC Seminar, Surviving as a Small Law Firm

April 23, 1986 LSUC Seminar, Negotiation – Can You Trust Your Instincts?

April 4 & 5 1986 LSUC & CBA Symposium, The Fifth Annual Advocacy Symposium: Successful Trial Techniques for the Eighties

July 1985 Association of Trial Lawyers of America Annual Convention, New York

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March 1983 LSUC Special Lectures, Torts in the 80s

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